I found a magical pair of rose coloured glasses. I highly recommend them. They help change my perspective just when I am getting super tough on myself.

They bring softness and delight to my heart. They help me see myself, my son, the way I live in my house and live in my life – with love, with honouring, with acceptance and appreciation.

When I put them I can also love and appreciate the part of me who has a highly refined perfectionist view of things. 

I know she too has her place. Even though her tendency is to be rather harsh and critical.

These glasses help me to see more clearly the perfection in things.

Just as they are.

Without trying to fix or change anything.

They help me see my son as innately good even amid the mess he reigns upon the house or the aggression he fires at me. 

These glasses are so magical they even have a voice – reminding me his behaviour is a messenger telling me he needs my love and connection rather than the agro, pissed off version of his mother who would otherwise show up.

They help me see the goodness within the seemingly bad.

Yep the goodness in that agro, pissed off version of his mother who showed up.

When I put them on, the way I view things shifts.

The filter through which I see everything softens, 

My rigid judgments and crusty, stale outlook falls away.

These specs help me see the truth. That there is beauty, perfection and connectedness within what I would otherwise believe is chaos.

They help me see the OK-ness with unwashed dishes on the sink, clothes from the line thrown over the arm chair, Lego absolutely everywhere.

Paper planes on the floor, paper planes in the yard, paper planes on my bed.

They help me see how much love and care is arising everywhere in my world, in my home.

Kind of like they seem to help me see things through the eyes of my heart.

Wonderfully then,

I see the complete – ness in things not yet completed.

Through the soft pink essence of love I can see the perfection in the timing of the things, the pace of my life, the way I do things, the way I get things done or don’t get things done.

I go from viewing myself as disorganised, random, haphazard, time wasting and wishing I could be more methodical – to seeing how the way I do things all makes sense. It all makes sense in the greater picture of things.

So you can see they really are magical!!

And I know what I am like. I will probably lose these precious glasses at times. Just like I lose my reading glasses, hair ties, matching socks and pens.

I will misplace those gorgeous rose coloured glasses somewhere.

And forget this view exists.

And will get a bit caught up in the harshness of a more sterile and clinical view of things.

And that too is ok because I know those glasses will show up again.

They always do.

Just when I really need them.

I highly recommend these glasses for shifting your view.

Available everywhere.

Let me know if you find some.

***A few extra details and important cautions about these Rose Coloured Glasses***

Stronger magnification may be required for viewing certain politicians in order to see their goodness.

Rose coloured glasses are to be used to help reveal the truth of our inherent perfection. 

They are not to be used to justify denial of our truth or to keep us putting up with shit we really need and want to change. 

Love Rebecca