Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between counselling and spiritual inquiry sessions?

Although there is overlap between the two the main distinction is your intention.

In counselling you will probably have an intention to tease out problematic life issues and experiences,  understand them and heal them with love and kindness.

There is usually a time frame to the commitment between counsellor and client. And there will be a resolution of an issue or a feeling state that may lead to you feeling that the counselling, for now, is complete.

On the other hand, spiritual inquiry is underpinned by your commitment to realise your true nature, that which exists beyond the perceived boundaries of your body and conditioning. Spiritual inquiry may be more open-ended than a counselling session although it can still be very healing as the deepest source of wellness is knowing the vastness of our true nature.

3. How do i pay for the sessions.

Payment can made via direct bank transfer which can be done prior to your session. I will give you these details at the time of you making an appointment.

5. What if I need to cancel a session.

Yes you can cancel a session if you need to. I ask please for twenty four hours notice that you need to cancel or reschedule. Appointment times are precious and this gives me time to fill the time slot. If you cancel at the last minute, you will be required to pay half the session fee.

2. What is the structure of the counselling sessions?

In your first session, we will explore your goals for  therapy. You may have one thing you wish to work on or  multiple issues that need to be teased out so you can gain  more clarity about what you want to focus on first.

A general session loosely starts with a check-in. Then if you are ready there is a deepening phase of settling into your body and your breath, becoming more mindful of what is happening inside. Here parts of yourself can be discovered and welcomed into your awareness. Feelings might arise and understandings may happen.  Before the completion of the session you will be given time to make sense of the session with take home messages and reminders naturally arising. 

4. Do i need to prepare for the sessions?

You simply just need to show up to the sessions. If you have lots of conflicting issues, our sessions can help make sense of what is going on so you can work through each one. As you gain more insight you might begin to notice patterns showing up in your life and familiar experiences reoccurring that you would like to explore further. Writing in a journal can be useful to help make sense of and remember what is unfolding and what you are discovering.