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My name is Rebecca Richards. I work with women who are ready to heal the wounds from their past and live a more satisfying, integrated and connected life. 

Symptoms many of us suffer from like anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and parenting issues may be caused by unhealed hurts and trauma from earlier stages in our development. 

It is common to get stuck in these painful and frustrating experiences. Even though  functioning and getting by quite well, we might just not be able to break free from the emotional patterns no matter how we hard we try. 

This counselling support I offer is deeply attuned, gentle, empathic and is steeped in loving presence. This creates a container of safety allowing you to explore yourself at deeper levels so you can fully heal the delicate wounds and release yourself from these patterns or painful states. 

In the work we do together you will never have to push through or force anything to shift or change. Breakthroughs happen by being gentle, kind and curious with yourself while also taking fresh actions in alignment with your new found truths about yourself and life.

The shifts that occur can bring you more ease, joy and clarity and your outer life can become more aligned with your true needs and desires.

If you feel ready to expore yourself in this way and ready for the gentle breakthroughs that can happen in your heart and in your life I would love to hear from you.

You are welcome to take up my offer of a complimentary discovery session so please feel free to contact me for a chat to see if this work is a good fit for you.

Rebecca x 




The style of counselling I practice is different from the “talk and problem solving” style you might be familiar with. Instead, this is therapy steeped in loving presence and trust in the wisdom of your body and psyche. Within a safe holding environment, you will be guided on a gentle inner journey via the body. Here we locate, release and repair the core, original hurts that have been causing the reoccurrence of your painful emotional states, moods, and life dilemmas.  

This is a therapy that helps you out of repetitive thinking patterns and takes you into the deeper mysteries of your true nature. It is this deep connection with yourself that allows for healing and integration to happen.

blending ancient spirituality with contemporary therapeutic tools

The healing power of yogic practices such as yoga nidra and Buddhist practices of compassionate mindfulness are especially potent when combined with the most up to date therapeutic counselling tools and understandings. 

I have found this approach can help us heal pain from the past which shows up in our present moment experience.

I believe that healing our pain from the past is integral to our spiritual realisation just as spiritual insight and self awareness are integral to our deepest healing.

Live with more ease a heart full of joy and a deep trust in life


We try to overcome our inner and outer difficulties in many different ways. We might keep ourselves busy. We might focus on how we can fix others.  We might launch ourselves into a new fitness regime. We might collapse in a heap and struggle to function in our life. We may even use practices such as meditation and yoga to manage our inner turmoil.

While immediately useful and understandable, these ways of coping can lead to the reoccurrence of the same painful circumstances and familiar experiences.  Life tends to keep triggering the same inner wounds until we are able to claim and integrate these parts of ourselves.

The sweetest thing about Inner Wisdom Counselling is that this therapy is gentle and wise and trusts implicitly in the natural urge of your soul to want to know and experience itself as whole. There is no requirement for you to do more or push through anything. Although as you understand yourself more and heal hurt parts of yourself you will begin to simply function better, with more ease, with a heart more full of joy and with a greater sense of trust in your journey, in your self and in life itself.

our conditioned mind

From much personal experience and exploration, I know the habitual attempts we make at trying to change ourself or modify our experience run deep. When we trace back through our history we see that in fact our ability to rest in the fullness of our true nature became compromised very early in our life. From infancy into adulthood our body, heart and mind store the history of how we learned to be in the world.

Most of us in some ways have had to conceal and protect the light of our true nature in order to survive within the family and social system we were brought up in. As we modified our behaviour and personal expression to stay safe, ego structures developed which clustered around our child self. From a yogic perspective, these structures or parts are collectively called the conditioned mind. Over time we lose contact with our essential self and become more identified with our many different thinking parts.

Self understanding

In one to one Intuitive Counselling sessions within the safe therapeutic container of acceptance, kindness and gentleness you are invited to go on an inner adventure to glean knowledge lying deep within our body, heart and mind. Attention is directed toward our moment to moment experience, guided by sensations in the body and the associated memories and thoughts that arise in the now.

When we explore our inner material in these delicate ways we begin to see the different parts of ourselves and how they relate to each other. We gain understanding about the repetitive ways our life keeps unfolding. We recognise how we have responded to situations, made choices and managed ourself through life. And while these strategies make sense given our earlier circumstances they may now no longer be relevant or useful or serving us in the best way possible.


Room for feelings

Sometimes in counselling we discover part of the problem has been we have been sitting on a well of big emotion like sadness, grief, fear or anger. There are so many ways we have learned to keep a lid on these feelings and when we do our felt sense of equilibrium is disturbed and we are unable to think clearly or act from our deepest intentions.

Within the attuned therapeutic environment healing happens when old trapped feelings and core beliefs are witnessed and released. This opens the way for experiencing our self as whole and complete which we then integrate in the body, heart and mind.

Healing magic

A beautiful magic happens when we follow our thread of present experience. The jewels of our being that lie dormant, protected and shielded from our regular view become illuminated.  We find the qualities of our essence here and available.

We realise nothing was in fact missing and we discover and realise our felt sense of wholeness. Parts of ourselves that have been exiled are given a voice and we gain wisdom and insight from these offerings.

With this therapeutic approach we can strengthen new thinking and feeling pathways more congruent with the essence of who we are  and where we want to go.

realise your essence

This potent approach can be helpful for resolving anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, childhood issues, trauma and parenting dilemmas.

Also the feeling of being flat, stuck or wanting to gain clarity and a sense of purpose can be great places to start.

Physical pains and ailments that haven’t resolved with physical therapy can often have an emotional cause and therefore be aleviated once the core emotional material has been accessed and freed.

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