INNER WISDOM Counselling

This counselling approach is very gentle and yet powerful and is effective in resolving the following sort of issues and personal experiences:

Life transitions, depression, anxiety, postnatal depression, feeling flat and stuck, inability to make decisions, lack of motivation and direction, pregnancy and birthing concerns, relationship difficulties and breakdowns, grief and loss, physical pains and injuries that don’t improve with physical therapies. Help with creating life dreams and goals.

I will support you with love, kindness and trust. I will listen to your fears and I will listen to and validate your tears as well as hold a flame of trust for your goals, hopes and dreams.

Introductory session

Counselling can be short or long term.

If you feel a positive connection during the introductory session and want to proceed then we can collaborate and ultimately you will decide how many sessions you would like to start with.

As a general rule of thumb, five to six sessions is considered a good place to start.

This short spurt of connection may be all you need for changes to happen.

Ongoing Counselling

Depending upon your intentions and situation you may find ongoing weekly sessions for several months to a year to be the level of support you require.

With this comittment to yourself you will notice incredible changes to your inner and outer life.

You will be naturally willing to go longer stretches without sessions.

Then over time you might just want an occasional appointment for extra support when you need it.

Skype or face tiME

My general counselling services can be arranged online via Skype, face time or phone.

Spiritual inquiry

If you are interested in healing yourself at your core level of being then spiritual inquiry is a beautiful way of exploring your deepest nature. These sessions are suitable for practitioners of yoga and meditation who would like to explore the psychology of awakening. This is a process of learning about yourself, your shadow parts and bringing all that you are into the light of awareness. Integration, centredness and being on track with your deepest intentions will be the likely outcomes of your comittment to this process.

What are your blocks?

If you have been sitting in meditation for some time or just beginning to meditate you might notice repetitive thought patterns, beliefs and familiar physical sensations and emotions passing through your experience. In a spiritual inquiry session, you can choose to explore, in more depth, something difficult that keeps showing up in your practice.

transforming to essence

In spiritual inquiry, we begin to loosen our identity with the structures of mind in a way that welcomes all parts of ourselves

When we stay with our struggles and shadow parts a beautiful transformation happens and our essence is revealed and experienced as being the truth.

Spiritual Inquiry Sessions can be arranged online via Skype, face time or phone call.  

Parenting support

I am a single mum of a toddler son and I am passionately practicing a style of parenting steeped in loving presence and connection that is also a journey into healing one’s own childhood (and current) pains as way of moving through challenging times with our children.

Parenting can be so hard

I know just how hard parenting can be sometimes.  We can get so bogged down with difficult behaviours in our children, sleeping issues and challenging decisions that we begin to lose sense of our  values and parent in ways in conflict with who we really are. Then our children tend to go off the rails even more and we end up in a painful cycle that can be hard to shift without help.

Honouring you as a parent

In this type of session I focus on supporting and honouring you as a parent.  Here you can bring forward the particular issue and explore it in a place of love and acceptance. If, as often is the case, there are a number of issues with your child/children then these sessions can initially help you tease apart the different things going on so that you can begin to make sense of the troubles one by one.

when we process our stuff our chldren  improve

Once we process feelings triggered by our childrens‘ behaviour, we are more available to be present for them and things often change and improve instantly.

My parenting support can be arranged online via Skype, face time or phone call.